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Giới Thiệu

Beauty is increasingly becoming a necessity of everyone, but consumers easily feel confused to choose a suitable product: there is no shortage of products that bring fast results but hurt. hair, skin, there are products that are less damaging but time consuming. Therefore, we are constantly researching, researching and improving to satisfy customer needs, saving time, costs and safety for users.

Formed in 1992, starting from the commercial field with a passion for business, seriousness in developing more professions, QUA36.COM has gradually overcome difficulties and challenges, becoming one of the leading experts in the industry. manufactures and distributes famous beauty products (Hair – Skin – Makeup) in foreign markets.’s consumer products have been very popular in foreign markets and are now being gradually approached to domestic consumers. We specialize in the distribution of skin care, hair care, anti-mosquito, anti-itch and other cosmetic and chemical products.

Certificate of product quality of the company
Certificate of product quality of the company QUA36.COM

QUA36.COM also owns a team of young, dynamic, highly specialized, dedicated & enthusiastic staff. Each part is a “precious brick” that makes up a solid LAVO family.
The sales department is always attentive to the needs of partners and takes care of “customers like a sincere friend”.
The technical department always improves skills, regularly organizes professional training sessions on products, offers many solutions to apply products in practice, creating many new trends in the market. .
The R&D team always updates the latest knowledge on technology, closely investigates the domestic and foreign markets to create many quality products so that customers always feel secure because they have placed their trust in QUA36.COM .
Thank you customers for always trusting and using QUA36.COM’s products!
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